Cloud Spot-TV using pure HTML5

Your individual TV-Channel for worldwide Spot Advertising

{{ Quittung }}

Enter the Channel and select a Playlist you want to show

{{ ID }}• (Playlists/Spots) • {{ ID.substr(0,ID.length-1) }} X
{{ i.ID }} ({{ i.Playlists }}/{{ i.Spots }})
Playlist (Spots): Start {{ ID }}{{ PlaylistID }}

Frustrated by complex and expensive Digital Signage Advertising ?
Why not using Cloud Spot-TV ?
  • Favorable - simple - reliable - safe
  • Pure Web-App, no need for special equipment

To run your playlist enter "<channel><playlist>" in your browsers address line
Replace "<channel>" by your channel and "<playlist>" with the playlist to run
Run Demo playlist on Demo channel:

to Channel administration (Login)

To get your own channel, send an email to containing your desired channel.